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Bigger Settlements.

5-7 Day Turnaround | $399 Flat Rate | Always Accurate


Settlement Demands Based on

Research and Real World Testing

IQ Demands began in 2018 after six months of initial research into how insurance companies determine settlement value. We discovered that how the demand is formatted plays a major role in the settlement offer that is made by the adjuster.

After testing out over ten different demands over two years, we developed one that gets bigger settlements than any other. We now bring this game changer to your law firm. With a 5-7 day average turnaround, predictable $399 per demand pricing, and always accurate guarantee, we are your new long-term partner. 

Settlement Demand

While our demands look different, their sole reason for existence is to help you get bigger settlements. Let us show you how you can make more money on every case.


Dissection Sheet

This document summarizes the entire case in 1-2 pages and is especially helpful to use during negotiations. We include this with every settlement demand.


Negotiation Letter

Our negotiation letter can be used for pre-litigation resolution, or easily adapted into a mediation statement if you are already in litigation. Included with every order.


About us

Created by an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

IQ Demands was created for the simple goal to settle cases for more money and increase the law firm’s profits.

Over the course of three years, we constantly tested, fixed, and fine-tuned our settlement demands based on feedback from eight law firm clients across the country.

IQ Demands fulfills the mission of getting bigger settlements your law firm.  

Demands Drafted

Team Members

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IQ Demands look different, so take a look at them in detail first-hand.


Simple and Predictable Pricing

Always $399 per demand…medical chronology add-on is 30 cents per page of medical records.


See what all the excitement is about! We will walk you through our settlement demands, why they look that way, and how they get you bigger settlements. We will also give you a peek behind the scenes at our custom-built software.


Intentionally Different Demands

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What Information Do We Need to Provide?
  • Medical Records
  • Medical Bills
  • Imaging Reports
  • Accident Description
  • Impact Statement from your Client
What is the turnaround time?

Once we receive all documentation, we average between 5-7 days!

Do you require payment upfront?

Yes…we had had too many law firms not pay when we did not require payment upfront. For that reason, we do require payment upfront before we begin working on the demand.

What is the cost per demand?

Only $399 per demand!

What documents do we get with the demand?

We include the settlement demand, dissection sheet, and medical chronology. 

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