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IQ Demand

$399 – Flat Rate

This is our flagship demand and created after several years of testing. It is specially designed to maximize case value by identifying and presenting every piece of information insurance companies will give value.

Includes both a Billing Summary & Narrative Summary.

Narrative Demand

$349 – Flat Rate

This is a traditional style settlement demand that you are likely using already. We will put it on your law firm’s letterhead. The demand follows a logical format to set you up for success.

Includes a Narrative Summary.

Narrative Summary

$125 – Flat Rate

Billing Summary

33 Cents

per row of data, average price is between $100-$150.

Medical Chronology

33 Cents

per page of records if ordered with a settlement demand, otherwise 40 cents per page of records.


See what all the excitement is about! We will walk you through our settlement demands, why they look that way, and how they get you bigger settlements. We will also give you a peek behind the scenes at our custom-built software.

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