Five Years of Research & Testing

The Story Behind Our Demands

IQ Demands are the result of tireless efforts to understand how insurance companies’ software programs work to determine settlement value…and how we can get bigger settlements.

In 2018, the IQ Demands team partnered with eight law firms nationwide (including our founder’s law firm in Colorado.) The pilot program began by testing out different types of settlement demands. We followed up on every claim with the law firm to find out what worked, what didn’t, and whether they got a big settlement.

Combining countless hours of research with real-world testing, we discovered a style of settlement demand that outperformed every other demand by leaps and bounds. 

IQ Demands look like nothing you have seen before. Every component’s purpose is to get full value put on the claim by the insurance companies’ software. 

We now have our own custom-built software to assist in drafting the demands. This allows us to deliver demands fast and without errors. 

Smarter Demands. Bigger Settlements.

Your team at IQ Demands will include all relevant information in the settlement demand package. Every piece of information that can and should be given value by the insurance company is properly formatted in the demand.


  • Injuries
  • Treatment
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Duties Under Duress
  • Permanent Impairment Rating
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Lost Wages

Nothing Left on the table

Account for All Categories of Settlement Value


Injuries must be listed in the demand in the form of the injury diagnosis codes. They must also be supported by the doctor who made the diagnosis, date, and more. 


Duties Under Duress

Just like other categories, duties under duress must include additional information in order for the insurance company to give this category value. IQ Demands provides all necessary information.

Bigger Settlements

We take every piece of information from the four categories of case value to build your client’s case. What you are delivered is the best and most modern way to get big settlements.


Treatment is the most rejected area of settlement with insurance companies. Dates, doctor type, injuries treated, and complaints all support treatment getting accounted for and given value.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

This is often the most missed area of settlement value within demands. The software will automatically format the demand properly to get value.

All Injuries Given Value

For the insurance company’s software program to give value to an injury, it must include all supporting information.

This includes the doctor that gave the diagnosis, date it was made, the corresponding diagnosis code, and the treatment that was given for the injury.

IQ Demands does all of this for you.

Account for Everything

Everything needs to be accounted for in the settlement demand. It is not enough to simply provide the insurer with the medical records and bills and hope for the best.

It must be documented in the settlement demand as well. If you leave it out of the demand, it reduces the chance the insurance company’s software will give it value.

IQ Demands account for every piece of information.


Formatting Done For You

Proper formatting is critical to get full value put on the case. The insurance company employee taking the data and putting it into their software is on a time crunch. Make their life easy, and you will get rewarded for it.

The style of settlement demand we draft at IQ Demands create for you would take 4-5 hours without our custom-built software.

We have a 5-7 day average turnaround.

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